Pico Satellite for Bangladesh is a joint research initiative of BSMRAAU and Pico Satellite Company of Bangladesh. The main idea is to develop a series of pico satellites or cube satellites locally that are low in cost but high in return. A dedicated Lab has been set up in the Lalmonirhat Campus as well as in the Dhaka Campus of BSMRAAU, where a significant number of students and faculty members are working under the supervision of Professor Dr. Nazmul Ula, Founder of Pico Satellite Company. The current objective of this project is to build a flight-ready 1U CubeSat by December 2023. Along the way it is expected that the required expertise will be developed among the students and faculty members to build many more pico or cube satellites in the future. This may pave the way for a full-fledged space program here in BSMRAAU within the next 10 years. The global CubeSat market is projected to be valued at 491.3 million US dollars by 2027. BSMRAAAU wants to help Bangladesh to be a part of that economy. In this regard, expertise, facilities, and opportunities are being gathered here in BSMRAAU to facilitate small-scale space entrepreneurship in the near future in Bangladesh.

⦁    International collaboration on research in the field of design, development and launching of CubeSats.  
⦁    International collaboration and cooperation with Pico Satellite Company.  
⦁    Expansion of joint research initiative with NRB Scholar Dr. Nazmul Ula, Associate Dean and Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Loyola Marymount University, USA.  
⦁    Infuse education on design, development and launching of CubeSats into the undergraduate students of BSMRRAAU.  
⦁    Develop a collaborative research ecosystem amongst the students and faculties of BSMRAAU.  
⦁    Create a pathway for Bangladesh to achieve its own Space Economy. 


Chief Patron:

Air Vice Marshal ASM Fakhrul Islam, OSP, GUP, ndc, afwc, psc, GD (P),

Vice Chancellor, BSMRAAU

Chief Facilitator:

Air Cdre Md Monjur Kabir Bhuiyan, BUP, ndc, nswc, afwc, psc

Pro Vice Chancellor, BSMRAAU

Principle Investigator (PI):

Dr. Nazmul Ula, Associate Dean and Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Loyola Marymount University, USA and Founder of Pico Satellite Company, Bangladesh

Chief Coordinator and Investigator:

Air Cdre (Retd) Md Afzal Hossain

Distinguished Professor and Dean, Faculty of Aviation Operations Management, BSMRAAU

Coordinator and Investigator:

Md Samin Rahman, Lecturer, Dept. of Avionics Engineering, BSMRAAU

Student Members:

In total 30 students serving in 5 teams: Ground Station Team, Electronics and Power System Team, Mechanical Team, Attitude Control and Navigation Team & Software Team













Logo of PICO SATELLITE FOR BANGLADESH                                                                                                      MoU with Pico Satellite Company and BSMRAAU on 6th March 2022
















VC, Pro VC, Dean and Other Officials Visit PicoSat Lab at Lalmonirhtat Campus, BSMRAAU                                              QFH Antenna to receive NOAA Weather Satellite data by Ground Station Team

Electronics and Power System Team working on Solar Panel Interfacing