Co-curriculam Activities

BSMRAAU Language Club



The mission of the Language Club is to foster the learning of the English language and its culture through its semester-wise scheduled language program. Thus students can learn to communicate and co-operate with each other. Our aim is to enrich the lives of the students learning English in our unique environment and develop our students’ learning skills which will be of lifelong value. Through the interesting English language programmes, the Language Club offers natural learning to potential students of the University in acquiring command of academic English.



Language Club is a place for language learners to learn and use English in a casual/informal setting outside regular class teaching. It takes care of the students’ different developmental needs such as their skills and creativity. Language Club offers fun and entertaining English language learning through drama, presentation, games, language drills in the most communicative English learning environment.



  Film Screenings

  Sessions on Improvising Listening & Speaking Skills

  Workshops on Vocabulary & Spelling

  Workshops on Critical & Creative Writing

  Book Sales

  Gaming Sessions

  Short Story Writing Competitions

  Comic Strip Making Competitions