S.M. Ishtiaq Ibn Salam
S.M. Ishtiaq Ib...
Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (Airframe and Power Plant)
  • Phone: 8801648124223
  • Email: ibnsalsq@bsmraau.edu.bd
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Shahana Afrin Dina
Shahana Afrin D...
Lecturer (Economics)
Science and Humanities
  • Phone: 01765248397
  • Email: afrindina@bsmraau.edu.bd
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Asif Ahmed
Asif Ahmed...
Lecturer (Mathematics)
Science and Humanities
  • Phone: 01778945804
  • Email: ahmedasif.bsmraau@gmail.com
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Musfequs Salehin
Musfequs Salehi...
Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (Airframe and Power Plant)
  • Phone: 01869393491
  • Email: salehin@bsmraau.edu.bd
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Mostafizur Rahman
Mostafizur Rahm...
Lecturer of Sociology
Science and Humanities
  • Phone: 8801850091702
  • Email: mostafiz@bsmraau.edu.bd
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Jarief Farabi
Jarief Farabi...
Lecturer(Study Leave)
Aeronautical engineering
  • Phone: 01780071618
  • Email: jarieffarabi@live.com
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Md. Toufiq Islam Noor
Md. Toufiq Isla...
Lecturer, Department of Aerospace Engineering
Space Communication and Navigation Technology
  • Phone: 01518304182
  • Email: toufiqnoor@bsmraau.edu.bd
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Shahrukh Khan
Shahrukh Khan...
Aeronautical engineering
  • Phone: 01707879735
  • Email: aero.shahrukh93@bsmraau.edu.bd
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Air Commodore Md Readad Hossain, BUP, ndc, afwc, psc
Air Commodore M...
Office of the Treasurer, BSMRAAU
Treasurer, BSMRAAU
  • Phone: 01769995056
  • Email: treasurer@bsmraau.edu.bd
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Air Commodore Md Mokhlesur Rahman ndc, psc
Air Commodore M...
Office of the Registrar, BSMRAAU
  • Phone: 01769995054
  • Email: registrar@bsmraau.edu.bd
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Brigadier General Mohammad Nur Hossain, BSP, psc
Brigadier Gener...
Office of the Academy/Institute Inspector, BSMRAAU
Academy/Institute Inspector
  • Phone: 01769995088
  • Email: aca_inspector@bsmraau.edu.bd
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Group Captain Md Rabiul Hasan
Group Captain M...
Office of the Registrar
Chief of Public Relations, Information & Publication
  • Phone: 01769995071
  • Email: chief.prip@bsmraau.edu.bd
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Additional Registrar(General) of BSMRAAU
Office of The Registrar
  • Phone: 01769998509
  • Email: enamul8509@gmail.com
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Wing Commander Md Abdul Baten
Wing Commander ...
Office of The Treasurer, BSMRAAU
Director(Finance & Accounts)
  • Phone: 01769995072
  • Email: smbaten@yahoo.com
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Wing Commander Kawsara Parvin
Wing Commander ...
Additional Examination Controller
Office of The Examination Controller
  • Phone: 01769995077
  • Email: kawsaraparvin3@gmail.com
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Syed Abdullah Al Mamun, Engg
Syed Abdullah A...
Deputy Project Director and Wing Commander
Office of the Project Director, BSMRAAU
  • Phone: 01717663355
  • Email: apd@bsmraau.edu.bd
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Gp Capt Abdullah Al Farooq, ndc, psc, GD (N)
Gp Capt Abdulla...
Director Planning and Development
  • Phone: 01769995089
  • Email: directorp&d@bsmraau.edu.bd
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Squadron Leader MD Mainul Islam
Squadron Leader...
Staff Officer to Vice-Chancellor
Office of the Vice-Chancellor
  • Phone: 01712588660
  • Email: islamranok@gmail.com
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Liton Sharma
Liton Sharma...
ICT Cell, Office of The Vice Chancellor and Office of The Registrar, BSMRAAU
System Analyst
  • Phone: 8801322311457
  • Email: sharmabmraau@gmail.com
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Hosne Mukit Abdullah
Hosne Mukit Abd...
Deputy Registrar (Admin)
Office of The Registrar
  • Phone: 01769995080
  • Email: ranger248abdullah@bsmraau.edu.bd
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