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BSMRAAU Received the Recognition of CAAB Approved ANO (AW) Part 147 AMTO Certification

On 25 June 2024, BSMRAAU has received the recognition of CAAB approved ANO (AW) Part 147 AMTO certification. This certification gives BSMRAAU the capability to conduct programs and hold module examinations for the undergraduate students in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering.
AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineering) program is a four year undergraduate course of study to turn out aircraft engineers in the aviation and aerospace sectors. The Aircraft Maintenance Engineering has two strands, namely, Airframe-Propulsion, and Avionics.
With the achievement of AME accreditation, BSMRAAU has added one more qualification to its versatile capabilities. The University has already been conducting four year Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree courses in Aerospace Engineering since February 2020. AME programs add a unique responsibility to the University to produce graduate maintenance engineers to address the challenges of aircraft repair facilities in airframes, engines and its electrical and electronic systems known as avionics.
A Certificate-Awarding Ceremony was held at the CAAB Headquarters, Dhaka. The Chairman of CAAB, Air Vice Marshal Muhammad Mafidur Rahman, BBP, BSP, BUP, ndu, afwc, psc, GD(P)  graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. Special guest was Air Vice Marshal A K M Manirul Bahar, BSP, ndc, hdmc, afwc, psc, ADWC, the Vice Chancellor of BSMRAAU. The Chairman CAAB handed over the AMTO Certificate to the Vice Chancellor of BSMRAAU in presence of the distinguished higher officials from both the organizations.
Chairman CAAB praised the University for taking the initiatives to obtain this certification through a rigorous process successfully accomplished by their teams. In his speech, he mentioned that CAAB and BSMRAAU have worked together for more than one year to come to this day of remarkable academic and professional fulfilment. In his speech, he reiterated that aviation is a specialized field, and every year, there is something new and challenging appearing in global aviation and aerospace realm. To meet the international standards in aerospace science and technology, we need Next Generation of Aviation Professionals (NGAP) to compete with the fast-growing airline industry, ever-dynamic regulatory functions and prolific professional skills.
The accreditation of BSMRAAU as AMTO would give the University the scope and opportunity to train the youth of this country in the aviation sector to materialize the national dream.
Air Vice Marshal A K M Manirul Bahar, BSP, ndc, hdmc, afwc, psc, ADWC congratulated the Flight Standard and Regulation (FSR) Division of CAAB, and the members of BSMRAAU who jointly worked hard to achieve the goal of this AMTO certification. He said that BSMRAAU is a very specialized university, and being the only one of its kind in and around the country, has greater responsibility towards achieving the targets of national aviation sector. The University is geared towards producing top-class aviation graduates in the market which is, to a great extent, filled by foreign nationals. The role of CAAB in guiding BSMRAAU to choose appropriate subjects, projects and programs for higher study cannot be under-stated. He thanked CAAB for their continuing support and commitment towards the vision of BSMRAAU. Finally, he expressed his gratitude to the members of both the organizations whose hard work, sincerity, dedication and determination would certainly enable the nation to witness the milestones of many more commendable successes in the future.