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Saifullah Muhammad Mehdi Hasan

Saifullah Muhammad Mehdi Hasan

Squadron Leader & Head of the Dept of Aviation and Space Law

A dedicated and proficient faculty in the field of Law...
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Why Aviation and Space Law at BSMRAAU?



The regulation of International Aviation has been a matter of specialized discussion and debates ever since the Wright Brothers flew in the sky and Vostok 1 conducted the first successful human spaceflight. Initially freedom in air and the sovereignty of the states over airspace was the starting point of these debates. Later on, more complex issues of international aviation contracts, public international legal regulations on aviation and space activities, air traffic management, liabilities in case of accidents, environmental regulation, aviation finance joined the club. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Aviation and Aerospace University (BSMRAAU) has taken the noble initiative to introduce a specialized LLM program International Air and Space Law (IASL). The LLM program on IASL aims to develop an extraordinary circuit of legal professionals specialized on aviation and space matters. The completion of LLM program on IASL ensures an internationally recognized qualification on matters involving legal affairs of aviation and space matters. The BSMRAAU offers a well-equipped and one of its kind specialized library and support facility for a LLM on IASL.  Students shall be trained through lecture-based classes, group works, presentations, moot courts, assignments and authoring law review articles. The flexible schedule enables students to complete this qualification whilst balancing work/life commitments. At the same time, the rigorous legal training shall hone your skill to pursue a career in academia, legal practice and aviation sector.

Creating skilled and competent legal professionals in the aviation and space sector with high morals to meet the national and global needs through creative research and innovations is our vision. Our mission is to help the students pursue advanced studies in International Air and Space Law and a life-long learner in cutting edge developments in the field of aviation and space industry.




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